Shut up 63!!!!

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

 Well, I didn't throw up!

My sis ran with me too!

I don't remember ever being that nervous about anything.  It was truly out of character for me.


I smiled and laughed a lot.  Awkwardly.  It took me a good 10 minutes to get my number pinned on my shirt.  I couldn't figure out what I wanted to listen to on my run, because I forgot to sync my Twilight music before I left home.  I mean, what else would I listen to on a Twilight 10K run? 

I think just the preparation leading up to this one event was what did it.  Also, I had never actually run the entire distance without stopping before, so I wasn't sure that I could do it.

There were 503 runners

It took a while for us to cross the start line. We were kinda in the middle

This is me parking my gum & pretending not to see the camera guy

This is Malissa cheezin' for the camera guy

The finish line! I took my earbuds out so I could hear my family cheering for me the crickets

Eli sees me. :)

Missing it guys!

Seriously, not stopping!

I felt like a million bucks after this run! Which was surprising, because I just knew I'd be ready to collapse.  Total rush crossing that finish line!

Wait, what?!

Perhaps I was moving too fast.

I wanna do that again! Immediately!

This is so much fun! (Um, check my calves)

This was such an exciting day for me! The trail was absolutely breathtaking, and the Christmas lights were awesome.  I can't wait to run this one again!




Disregard the old guy, notice the love in the background

We did it!

My friends and family really made this day special for me.

My mom and dad came up to watch, and my sweet friends were so great to send me messages saying they were praying for a great run and then excited congrats after.  

Including one ecstatic phone call from my friend Anna, who I thought would burst from excitement for me over the phone.

And texts like this:
Shut up 63!!!! I am so 
super proud of you!!!!! For
real. Like seriously!!!! No 
kidding!!!! Yay yay yay yay

Made my day.  God has truly blessed me with more love and support than I could ever dream of!

Oh, and not that it matters, but here are my results!
Official time: 1:03:37
Placed 235 overall (out of 503)
Placed 16 in my age group (out of 50!)
Not bad for my first 10K!


anything but LoKEY said...

Not bad?! Heck it was STELLAR! And your calves were smokin' hot btw! :)

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