Potty Training: Day 2

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

I could not wait until Lena went to bed so I could post this!  And because I'm completely exhausted.  So let me start by giving you the most exciting part first.  Yesterday we had a grand total of 30 accidents.  Yes, thirty.  As in a three in the tens place and a zero in the ones place.  Today?  We had 7.  SEVEN!  I don't think I have ever been so excited about cleaning up pee seven times in one day, but I am thrilled about it!  And did you notice I said pee?  No poop clean up!  Woot!  She had 4 of those, and they ALL made it into the potty. :)

I am so much more exhausted today than I was yesterday though.  Yesterday was full of picking her up and running her to the potty when she was already going.  Today, I did not have to pick her up but twice.  And it was because she was in a chair and wasn't sure what to do about that.  Two of those seven were in her sleep.  One sometime during the night, and the other during her nap.  So really I'm only counting 5 accidents.  And she only had 1 after her nap!

But today she understood what to do, and so every single time she even thought about going, she ran to the potty.  I think we ran to the potty about a million times.  About 80% of the time it was nothing.  She got up there, said, "Done" after about a second, and she was off and running again.  Sometimes she just wanted to stay in the bathroom.  But the times I thought, ok, this is getting ridiculous, would be the times she would go, so that kept me motivated.

Around 5:00 today, she figured out that she would get M&Ms every time she actually went in the potty.  It was pretty funny.  (I never mentioned them at all, I would just give her some when she would go.)  After she caught on to my tricks, she asked for them, and when I said no, she got upset, then got over it pretty quick.  About 10 seconds later she ran to the potty again and nothing.  10 seconds after that, same thing.  She was trying so hard to push something out but she couldn't do anything but toot.  It was hilarious.  She kept trying until she was finally able to pee a little tiny bit.  What kids will do for candy.

I think we're almost there!


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