m&m's and Jelly Beans

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

I'm almost embarrassed to begin this post because it starts with me admitting that I was in fact sitting at the computer, snacking on m&m's and jelly beans. Jessi and Eli were outside playing, and Jessi came in to tell me that she was still hungry after her snack. I gave her 3 m&m's and 2 jelly beans, and she gladly returned outside for more playing. Only moments passed before Eli came in. He didn't say a word. He immediately went to the table, which is where the bowl of candy is, for his m&m's and jelly beans, then realized that I was holding the bowl. Still not a word, he walked up to me with his hand held out for me to give him his m&m's and jelly beans. As I was giving him his candy, he was quietly saying, just to be sure, "3 m&m's, 2 jelly beans". Then he happily went back outside to play. So, what's the point of this story about m&m's and jelly beans? I was thinking. How do we respond when we see God blessing someone with something we want? Do we expect to be next or do we have a fit because we didn't get it first? Eli didn't come inside complaining because Jessi got candy and he didn't. He came straight in fully expecting to get exactly what she got. Why? Because he knows I love him the same and that I wouldn't give her something and not him. He just knows that, so his response was to walk straight up to me with his hand out. God is no respecter of persons. He loves us all the same, and as His children, we should expect great blessings from Him just because He loves us and we know it. And when we see someone else getting something that we've been believing for, it doesn't mean that God loves them more than He loves us, it means we should rejoice with them because we're that much closer to getting ours! I'm not saying we should live life with our hands held out. We are to live a lifestyle of giving. Giving to glorify God is our purpose! But we also have a Father who loves us and wants to give to us, so we should expect and receive everything He has already paid the price for, everything we will ever need or want. When we hold our hands out to Him, He fills us up so we can pour into the lives of others. Expect nothing less!


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