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Friday, October 15, 2010

So, this week has been WAY different than I planned. This week has been the most bizarre mix of awesome and awful, all at once.

Last Friday:
*My husband got a bad report from the doctor about his thyroid. We wanted to know what his other options were, so we made an appointment with a wellness doctor for Monday.
*I got a sweet surprise on my front doorstep. A MacBook Pro!
*It was Wei Xu's Macbook Pro.
*Had to put it back in the box.

*We held an auction fundraiser for our youth, and 5 of them showed up to help. FIVE.
*We raised a good amount of money for them!
*Alabama lost. Not only did they lose, they were awful the WHOLE ENTIRE GAME.
*Had my favorite pizza during the game! I thought they were closed but I called just in time!
*Got out of the house for a bit for ice cream! Well, it actually turned into fries & milkshakes. I had a pregnant chick with me.

*Got another job that I'll be doing from home! I'll get an actual paycheck for this one!
*Had to pick up food for our small group, which was not my plan. I wanted to cook something, but I didn't expect the job thing to happen on Sunday afternoon, so I seriously ran out of time.
*Found a great deal on rotisserie chicken at Publix! Family deal that came with EVERYTHING! It was delish.
*First small group meeting. We had a great time with a great group!

*Went to the wellness doctor with my hubby. We won't know everything that's involved until he gets his bloodwork from the "bad report doctor". But he went ahead and started him on a special diet for a healthy thyroid. It's very extreme and comes with lots of supplements.
*I'm doing the diet with him
*Realized I would need to get rid of almost all of my freezer meals and half my pantry.
*I'm very excited about this new way of eating, but the hubs, not so much yet. When he's bummed, I am too.

*Food research continues. I'm studying more than I did in school. It's exhausting.
*Was able to give my freezer meals to a dear friend!
*Hungry. Haven't been to the store yet, so I'm sending all the food that we CAN eat with Jason to work.
*Also, Lena went from really fast to TURBO speed and is trying to destroy our home while I'm studying recipes, planning meals & snacks, making lists, etc.
*Eli is asking me for cheese EVERY FIVE MINUTES. You know, to make sure I don't actually get to have a complete thought.

*More studying
*MY brand new MacBook Pro finally arrives! With accident insurance! For those of you who don't know, I dropped my last MacBook after only having it for 4 months and totaled it, and there was nothing they could do because Apple doesn't cover accidents. Of any kind. Awesome, right?
*Hubby calls & says he's on his way to pick us up for church just as I turn it on. GAH!
*The detoxing from this diet HIT ME HARD during church. I felt like crap.
*Got home & had to do laundry, so I decided to set up my Blackberry Desktop Manager & finally update my Blackberry software. I've been waiting to do it on my computer b/c the last time I did it over the wireless network, it jacked up all my stuff.
*Software update took FOREVER. Then failed. Twice. I was too tired to stay up and try it again so I started it up and went to bed.

*Got about 4 hours of sleep.
*Checked on my Blackberry. Failed again. Took out the battery. Failed again. Then an error message popped up and my phone was completely frozen. I went to Verizon right when they opened because I don't have a landline. Girl had my phone for about 5 seconds when she said, "So do you want your new phone sent to...?" Um, ok. So I have an old phone at home which she had listed so she activated it for me until my new one comes. I get home & can't find the charger ANYWHERE. So I have a phone, but it's dead.
*Coincidentally, the phone company was supposed to be coming to put in a landline today for my new job because I have to have a fax machine. They never showed.
*My only way of communicating is Twitter & Facebook.
*Another great meeting with Next! Next is the new young adult group that we're leading at church. We're very excited about this! Honestly, this really brightened my not so great day.

Friday! (Today)
*I'm finally blogging again!
*Lena is tearing all the tissues she pulled out of the box into tiny pieces on the living room floor & I don't even care.
*It's taking forever to write this blog because Lena keeps trying to put everything in the trash & Eli is already asking for cheese.
*Just stopped again to take a band-aid out of Lena's mouth.
*Hopefully I'll get my new Blackberry and the phone people will come today.
*We have NO FOOD in this house! Get ready Publix!

Also, we have several dear friends with a lot going on, so our hearts have been heavy for them this week. It's just been a crazy week. I'm so glad I decided to take this week off from school because I probably would have been a zombie by now.

Life is good folks! We face challenges sometimes, but we always get up and move forward!


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