Day 1: "processed cheese loaf"

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

I'll just dive right in.

Breakfast-yogurt cereal (as Eli calls it...equal parts of Ezekiel cereal, granola, and plain low-fat yogurt)
Lunch-chicken salad w/tomatoes and a handful of spring mix salad in a whole wheat pita, chips, and a few strawberries
Snack-(courtesy of Anna & Rolen's Bakery) 1 Chocolate Chew, 2 Macaroons, and 3 cheese straws
Dinner-2 small bowls (or 1 large bowl) of Cheeseburger Soup w/a slice of toasted sourdough bread drizzled w/EVOO and a few pita chips
Water-about 80oz
Exercise-walked 3 miles

I find it hilarious that the first day I decide to do this my sweet friend brings me a treat from the bakery. I have to say, there is a bag of Oreo's that are in the kitchen, and I have yet to have one and I'm pretty sure it's because I don't want to post it! But I promise to post it if I give in!

Also, this Cheeseburger Soup is one of my E-Mealz recipes that called for "processed cheese loaf". With so many other fresh and healthy ingredients, I just couldn't bring myself to ruin it with Velveeta. So, I made my own cheese sauce from butter, milk, and REAL cheese. It was delicious!

Ok, here's the hard part (which I conveniently put at the bottom of this post) but I think an important part for me. This morning I weighed in at 147 lbs. Did I seriously just post my weight??? I think posting my weight will encourage me to want to make that number change! I've always stayed consistent at around 135-140 lbs, and always wanted to lose about 20. I once weighed 118 and felt better at that weight than I ever have, so that is my goal. I don't know if after 3 kids I'll ever get there, but this blog is for me, so I'm just gonna be honest. Day 1 is done!


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