I might be famous soon...

Sunday, April 10, 2011

So I'm in the truck at a red light today, kids in the back, just singing to the music like always, and I'm pretty sure some people from Texas got it on video.  Yeah...  Ok, first of all, I don't look at people in the car next to me at red lights (or pretty much anyone in any vehicle on the road period).  Secondly, I especially don't look at them if I feel like they're looking at me (because that's just awkward).  SO, I felt like someone was looking in my direction but there's no WAY I was looking over there to see because that would be weird.  So I just ignored them.  I figured they probably weren't really looking right at me anyway.  Well, as they passed me, the dude driving is practically hanging out the window with his camera or phone or whatever.  And they were laughing.  Like hysterically.  Like they just got the funniest video footage EVER.  I mean, I know I'm entertaining and all, but REALLY?  I wasn't even singing with motions or anything.  Definitely not even YouTube worthy (I hope).  They must've been on the road for A WHILE.  


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