Our Christmas Tree

Saturday, December 4, 2010

One of my favorite family Christmas traditions happened today.  We got our Christmas tree!  We went to the Brown Dog Christmas Tree Farm in Arlington, GA.  I can't really explain it, but there's just something about spending the time together picking out your Christmas tree that just makes it special.  I love walking all over the farm, searching for that perfect tree that we all love.

They have this beautiful brown dog, hence the name, that is so sweet and lets all the kids pet him and take their picture with him.  Lena LOVED that dog.  She screamed as we were walking past him because we weren't stopping to let her go see him.  Once we realized what she was screaming about, we stopped, and she was SO beside herself.  It was hilarious.  I wish I had video of the whole thing.

When we were deciding on the tree, Jason convinced me that the one we picked would fit, and that he could just trim it up a little if it didn't.  This is after the trimming...

Notice how the top is smooshed into the ceiling?  He said I could just put a bow up at the top and you wouldn't even notice.  I guess my angel will just have to go in the middle somewhere?  Ah well, it's beautiful and I love it!  Not bad for $36!  Another thing I love about the Brown Dog Christmas Tree Farm!  Maybe I'll get it decorated before Christmas!  Honestly, I don't even care what our tree looks like, because we are making memories that will be there forever.  We might not remember all the new decorations or lights we put up, but we will always remember going to get that tree together every year.

And yes, the date stamp on all the pics I took today annoys me too, but I just can't get it off!

On a side note, I was able to comfortably carry my camera around, thanks to my friend Nicole, who made this super cute point and shoot wrist strap.

I don't actually have a point and shoot camera, but I wanted to try one out anyway and it really worked out great for me!  It was very comfy and easy to hold even though my camera is a good bit bigger than a point and shoot.  I recommend it for sure, even if you don't have a point and shoot camera!


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