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Friday, November 4, 2011

Tomorrow is the big day.

No, not the Alabama/LSU game.  Although I am excited to see it.

Tomorrow is this...

And I am running it.

I saw this a couple months ago and decided I needed a REAL goal to get myself into shape.  One that I couldn't back out of easily.  So I signed up and paid before I had a chance to change my mind.  At the time, I could barely run 3 minutes.

But I've been training.  And now I'm prepared.  My goals are very simple:

1.  To finish before the Jolly Trolley sags to pick up last participants.
2.  To finish in less than 70 minutes.

Before today, I have been super excited about this.

Now I just wanna throw up.


anything but LoKEY said...

You're gonna do GREAT!! Call me a let me know you are still alive. :)

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