Potty Training: Day 3

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Mission accomplished!  We are officially potty trained!  I was prepared for this to take longer than 3 days but it didn't!  She's got this.  Monday we had 30 accidents.  Yesterday we had 7 (including the 2 in her sleep).  Today we had 5, but I'm only counting 1 of those because one of them was that she woke up wet, and 3 of them were totally my fault.  She ran to the bathroom and I didn't know she had gone in there so I didn't make it to her in time.  She still needs help with her panties and getting up there, and she was standing right in front of the potty but I was about 2 seconds too late.  The one true accident she had was before 8am and she was standing in her chair at the table, and I really think she just couldn't get down in time.  She also woke up from her nap dry today, and then went in the potty.

We still did a lot of running back and forth to the potty, but today I could relax a little bit more than yesterday because I knew she would at least take off running when she had to go.  She did not wet her panties once on her way to the bathroom today.  She was able to recognize that she needed to go, and run to the bathroom holding it until I could get her on the potty (with the exception of the 3 times I didn't make it in time).  Also, we have had no #2 accidents since Monday morning.  She's got that one down for sure.

She has also figured out that it's a fun little game to yell POTTY and take off running down the hall, only to run into her room and wait for Mommy to show up behind her so she can laugh.  She also will do this and then just stand in the doorway of the bathroom just to see if I'll come.  It's all a big game now.  Let's yell POTTY and run to a different place every time just to see if Mommy will follow!  It's exhausting.  This is why there were 3 times I didn't make it to her.  She was constantly running somewhere.  Everywhere.  At least she has a special word for #2, which she got from her older siblings telling her she stinks every time she had a messy diaper.  So when she takes off running and yelling STINK, I know she means business.  I know that may be a little TMI, and it's also gross, but it cracks me up every time she does it.

I really didn't think we would be able to, but we even went to church tonight.  And she came home in the same clothes we left the house in!  Tomorrow we're working on using the footstool to get on the potty by herself and pulling her panties up and down.  I'm just so amazed and proud of her!  My 21 month old Lena is diaper free!


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