So you think you can dance?

Saturday, July 30, 2011

I found this video in Photo Booth the other day, and I just couldn't keep this jewel to myself. Enjoy!


What if?

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Jessi was especially emotional today for some reason.  Maybe because she's 8?  I don't really know.  I think she just really needed some affection.  So she was sitting in my lap snuggling with me, after MUCH drama during the course of the day, and she was suddenly being so sweet, telling me how sorry she was for how she had acted today.  Then I was telling her how it was already forgotten, and no matter what she did or how she acted I would always love her bunches.  Sweetness.

Then she asked me if there was ever anything Daddy could do to make me divorce him.  And I told her absolutely not.  Me and Daddy are never getting a divorce.  The she said,

"Even if he stabbed you with a fork?"

Um.  You know what?  Yes.  Yes, Jessi.  I would definitely take all of you and leave your Daddy if he ever STABS ME WITH A FORK.

"Well, what if he was in a fight with somebody else and he accidentally stabbed you in the head?"


Don't you wish you had a Jessi?


Freedom Fest

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

This year for the 4th (3rd actually) we decided to check out The Freedom Fest in Albany, GA, put on by Sherwood Baptist Church.  It was awesome.  Everything was free and they had a great fireworks show!

We went with some of our very best friends Shaun & Anna.
And all 7 of our little blessings.

Lena had her very first pony ride:)

I don't have video for when we took her off the pony, but it wasn't pretty.

Me and E

Ok girls, I wanna get a quick pic of the 2 of you, so on three.  Ready? 1...2...Three!

Ok. Zoe wasn't looking. Let's do it again.
Ready? 1...2...Zoe look at me...Three!

Ok girls, one more time...



With an actual smile PLEASE

Whatever. Forget it.

Needless to say, there was alot going on.  It was very exciting.  They even had 3 skydivers land behind the stage.  Anthony Evans performed, which was awesome.  And this group called Voices of Mobile performed, who I think may end up on the Sing Off...

If you can get past the video quality, the fact that I still haven't learned how to zoom on my iPhone, and all the random people walking around, they're pretty great I think!

*Really bummed I didn't get them doing Can't Touch This.

AND they played the Superman Theme during the fireworks show!  PERFECTION.

We really had a great time!


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