Potty Training: Day 1

Monday, May 9, 2011

So today I am one proud Mama.  My Lena has just amazed me with her little 21 month old potty going skills.  I kind of knew she would catch on quickly, but she really did much better than I expected.  I decided a while back that I was going to have her potty trained before she moved up to the toddler class at church, which will be when she turns 2 in July.  I had no idea how I would do such a thing, since neither of my other 2 were potty trained that early, but I thought, "If they can do it in China, then I can do it here." So, here we go.

I did some research online, and came across this ebook called 3 Day Potty Training.  I'm not exactly sure if it will only take 3 days, but I am so thrilled with her progress just from the first day, that I'm totally in.  I don't even care if it takes a few more days, which I really don't think it will, it will be so worth it to be DONE WITH DIAPERS.

So let me just tell you how today went.  The very first thing I did was let her put on her brand new big girl panties. :) Then, I let her throw ALL of her diapers in the trash, even the one in her little zipper pouch that we take everywhere.  (Don't freak out, I didn't actually throw them out, I just put a clean trash bag in the trash can & took it out to the garage so she would think I did.  They will all be given to someone who needs them.)  Then, I took her to the bathroom and gave her the grand tour.  Then we had breakfast.

Ok, I have NEVER even attempted to teach her anything about not going in her diaper, so this was for real the bravest thing I have ever done.  I had no idea what she would do.  Let me just say that it was one of the longest and most exhausting days in my life.  If you called or texted me and I didn't answer or call you back, I'm sorry, but I had to go dark.  I had a 21 month old literally running around my house with just panties and a shirt on.  I was not taking my eyes off her for a mili-second.  Which was wise, because that is how I read her.  I had about a half second window of time from when she looked at me, until she said Mama and started running to the bathroom.

And she was great.  It only took her once or twice to realize that she had to call for me and get to the bathroom fast when she had to go.  If not anything else, I am thrilled with that alone.  Yes, we had more accidents than I can count, well, actually that's not true.  She went through 21 pairs of panties before nap time.  But less than half that after nap time!  We also had several #1's and THREE #2's IN THE POTTY!!  AND she woke up dry from her nap and went in the potty.  I am just so proud of her!  We are definitely not done yet, but I really don't think it's gonna take this girl long!


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