Thursday, March 3, 2011

I felt the need to share this, but also felt it might be too much for some of my Facebook friends to handle.  They can click over at their own risk.

So this morning I was awakened to a laughing baby girl who had not only performed a #2 in her diaper, and not only took the diaper off, but also chucked it outside her crib because obviously that doesn't belong in there.  Oh, and this was after it got smudged all over the sheets, bed, bumper pad, and herself.  GOOD MORNING MOMMY!

Also, my eldest child woke up complaining that her foot was hurting so bad that she couldn't even walk. Then shortly after I mentioned that we probably shouldn't go to the park today since she couldn't walk, she said, "My foot has healed up to the point that I can walk on it, and the faster I walk, the less it hurts.  It's really just when I stand still that it hurts the most."


This will be a 3 cups of coffee day for sure. (maybe more)


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