Day 14: Blew it

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

I'm still recovering from last night. Basically, I felt awful today, and I ate that way. It was field day at Jessi's school, so we were there most of the day. I was so tired when I got home I didn't even want to think about dinner, so Jason took care of it for me. I hope this week gets better.

Breakfast pretty sure I skipped it
Lunch Sonic Kid's hamburger, small tots, cherry limeade, and the other half of Jessi's grilled cheese and fries
Snack the rest of those peanut butter crackers and sprite from last night
Dinner takeout Sesame chicken, fried rice, and an eggroll
Dessert 5 Oreos and some milk
Water I have no idea but it wasn't enough


Day 13: Graduation Day

I'm just now posting this for yesterday because I suddenly got sick last night during my nephew's graduation ceremony. I had to leave right at the beginning but thankfully I made it through his salutatorian address.

Breakfast Naked smoothie
Lunch Chickfila grilled chicken sandwich
Snack strawberries and bananas
Dinner was supposed to be TGIFRiday's but ended up being 1 peanut butter cracker and a few sips of sprite
Water about 50oz
Exercise walked 3 miles


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