Day 3: Busy Day

Friday, May 14, 2010

Today was a really busy day. I'm just glad I didn't eat Wendy's with Jason & the kids! But I really wanted those fries:(

Breakfast Ummm...I think I missed breakfast...
Lunch Awesome lunch with my sis! The Blue Plate! Since I missed breakfast I was pretty hungry. There was a lot of food on my plate when it came AND after I was finished, so I'm really not sure how much I actually ate because I kind of picked at all of it, but I'll try to guess. Rotisserie Chicken, green beans (I did eat all of those), fried okra (less than a handful, the little bowl of them was still full when I was done), 1 of Eli's chicken fingers:P, 1 small biscuit, and 2 silver dollar pieces of cornbread
Dinner Lean Cuisine cheese pizza
Sweet Tea a lot
Water the 1 bottle after my walk
Exercise walked (ran some) 3 miles


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